Weather during your stay in Cyprus

Additional information regarding your stay in Cyprus. Our sunny weather all year long guarantees a pleasant car hire experience

Spring comes quickly in Cyprus, when the whole island suddenly bursts into vivid shades of colour. March to May is a wonderful time to enjoy the gentle side of the Cyprus climate, when wild flowers bloom in the Troodos Mountains. Generally, you'll need a light sweater during the day and a jacket at night to keep the chill away, but you'll often have days when you're in shirtsleeves and sunshades!

It's wise to carry an umbrella just in case of rain showers, and of course an Autodirect car hire car gives you the freedom to enjoy the natural beauty of Cyprus.

Summer weather in Cyprus

Cyprus summer weather can be described in one word; hot! From June to September, the island basks in glorious sunshine and temperatures of up to 40°C. There's barely a cloud to be seen, and virtually no rainfall to speak of either, so you'll never really need to watch the weather forecast. Just pack the high factor sunscreen, a hat and the swimming gear, and you're ready for action. (If you travel to the mountains at night, you'll still need a sweater.) Wherever you go a car from Autodirect Car hire will get you there.

Autumn weather in Cyprus

In October, the temperature begins to drop, and remains at a very pleasant average of 25°C until almost the end of November. This can be a lovely time to have a touring holiday in Cyprus since the summer crowds have gone, the weather is warm and the tourist sites are much less crowded. As in the spring, you'll need a sweater or jacket for romantic dinners at night, and an umbrella for the occasional rain shower.

A comfortable saloon car from Autodirect car hire will take you to all your destinations.

Winter weather in Cyprus

Cyprus must be one of the few places in the world where you can ski and swim in the sea in the same day! Snow is confined to the Troodos Mountains, whilst the rest of the island remains mild and frost-free.

In fact, it's unusual for winter temperatures in Cyprus to dip much below 15°C in winter, so even if you get caught in a rain shower, you will rarely feel cold. Bring clothes suitable for a European spring and you'll be on the right track.

Whatever the weather in Cyprus, there's always plenty to explore, so make the most of the wonderful warm temperatures and dry climate Cyprus offers. We forecast you'll have a lovely time in Cyprus!

All our car hire vehicles are of the highest quality and are serviced regularly. Cyprus can be explored in a car that is clean and tidy, and fit for the road. Unlike with some Cyprus car rental companies, you can trust that our entire fleet has an MOT every year, to ensure they are in the very best condition.

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